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Amanda Dow Thompson

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Amanda Dow Thompson Beholden
Amanda Dow Thompson DSC0166
Amanda Dow Thompson Slippery When Wet
Slippery When Wet
Amanda Dow Thompson DSC067
Amanda Dow Thompson Role Play
Role Play
Amanda Dow Thompson DSC171
Amanda Dow Thompson Gravity
Amanda Dow Thompson DSC186
Amanda Dow Thompson Bikini Body
Bikini Body
Amanda Dow Thompson Breath Out
Breath Out
Amanda Dow Thompson Bound
Amanda Dow Thompson DSC176
Amanda Dow Thompson Political Hair
Political Hair
Amanda Dow Thompson FogBow
Amanda Dow Thompson Veiled
Amanda Dow Thompson GhostMoth
Amanda Dow Thompson Medicalization of Appearance
Medicalization of Appearance
Amanda Dow Thompson Skin Dive
Skin Dive
Amanda Dow Thompson Trophy
Amanda Dow Thompson Exhibition view
Exhibition view
Amanda Dow Thompson Exhibition view
Exhibition view
Amanda Dow Thompson GhostMoth

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Amanda Dow Thompson

Amanda Dow Thompson

Amanda Dow Thompson Biography

Amanda Dow Thompson is becoming known for her tightly carved, tension-filled, twisting wood sculptures such as Phantom Withdraw which was last exhibited at the Grand Rapids Public Museum.  Stylistically, she follows in the footsteps of Noguchi or Hepworth though her preferred media is wood not stone.  She employs hand carving, burning and hand rubbing of pigments to create the pieces.  Thematically, Amanda focuses on the soft which cloaks the steel, female strengths in a masculine form -an abstract exploration of feminine identity.  In addition to the sculptures, Amanda creates charcoal drawings and colored photographs based on and/or derived from the sculpture.  Such works have previously appeared at The Royal College of Art, London, UK; the Espacio Moran de Arte Contemporaneo, Caceres, Spain and at Causey Contemporary in New York. 

Amanda Dow Thompson Statement

While creating the work for my fourth solo show with Causey Contemporary, I have continued to explore the construct of gender roles within society, and the transient, illusory nature of identity. Originally coming from a painter’s background, my work evolved to become more sculptural, as a way of looking at things from multiple perspectives. In the newest work, I have begun to experiment with scale, simultaneously drawing upon a self-referential, internal dialogue, while also panning out to consider the whole lifespan, and to contemplate gender roles more universally; acknowledging the different experiences of women of other cultures, races and socioeconomic backgrounds. The choice of materials – lumber and ship resin – is a conscious one. Each piece is hand carved from a single chunk of wood using chisels and other construction materials and tools – traditionally from a male domain. While making the pieces for this show, I have tried to marry painter with sculptor, adorning dimensional forms with media usually used for paintings. The juxtaposition of the decorative and delicate with the sturdy and robust intentionally obfuscates. I hope viewers will question what is before them and struggle to categorize the work. In the past I have focused on personae and pantomime, with roles that women are forced to conform to in order to succeed or survive; my recent work is less coy, less apologetic, more brazen. I am fascinated by the complexities and contradictions within the individual and with their transformation over time. The new sculptures are more muscular, “masculine” than my previous work, the larger pieces reveal how fragile external form can house internal sinuous, steel. Consumed particularly with the often violent conflict surrounding female sexuality, references to the semiotics of gender roles are exposed in the work. The goal is to beguile with the sensuous appeal of the silhouette, then, overwhelm with a sense of tension. Ultimately, the new show is a tribute to the power, strength and resilience of women in all their forms.

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