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Howard Gross

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Howard  Gross Secret 5
Secret 5
Howard  Gross The Garden of a Thousand Secrets
The Garden of a Thousand Secrets
Howard  Gross Jim_s Last Mardi Gras
Jim's Last Mardi Gras
Howard  Gross Secret 1
Secret 1
Howard  Gross Reaching for Paradise
Reaching for Paradise
Howard  Gross Secret 2
Secret 2
Howard  Gross Fish
Howard  Gross Helena and her friends
Helena and her friends
Howard  Gross Secret no.3
Secret 3
Howard  Gross When all the Magnolias have Faded from View
When all the Magnolias have Faded from View
Howard  Gross Secret 4
Secret 4
Howard  Gross Assimilating
Howard  Gross Celebrating
Howard  Gross Fading Away
Fading Away
Howard  Gross Secret 6
Secret 6
Howard  Gross Slipping Away
Slipping Away
Howard  Gross Passing By
Passing By
Howard  Gross Standing Out
Standing Out
Howard  Gross Firefly
Howard  Gross Mardis Gras
Mardis Gras
Howard  Gross Surprise Encounter
Surprise Encounter
Howard  Gross A Place Where Dreams Fade Away
A Place Where Dreams Fade Away
Howard  Gross Cocoon
Howard  Gross Deep in the Blue
Deep in the Blue
Howard  Gross Emerging from Oblivion
Emerging from Oblivion
Howard  Gross Celebration
Howard  Gross Installation View 1 - Watching Shadows fade to Light
Installation View 1 - Watching Shadows fade to Light
Howard  Gross Awakening
Howard  Gross Family Get Together
Family Get Together
Howard  Gross Floating
Howard  Gross Leaving Each Other
Leaving Each Other
Howard  Gross Triangles
Howard  Gross Twilight
Howard  Gross Bending
Howard  Gross Dancing Around Friends
Dancing Around Friends
Howard  Gross Daydreams
Howard  Gross
Howard  Gross Party Time
Party Time
Howard  Gross Piercing
Howard  Gross Reaching Out
Reaching Out
Howard  Gross Surrounded by Friends
Surrounded by Friends
Howard  Gross Together
Howard  Gross Trying to Get Inside
Trying to Get Inside

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Howard  Gross

Howard Gross

Howard Gross Biography

Howard Gross began his artistic career in Chicago receiving his MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago during his first solo exhibition at the Alan Frumkin Gallery.  The exhibition was in fact presented as Mr. Gross' graduate thesis.  He believes the moments that opened that exhibition - first his professors coming to evaluate the work for his degree and then his dealer, Alice Adam entering followed by him receiving his degree - were prophetic in that it marked for him the first time art dealers and curators came to his defense, offered him support and/or opportunities

One of Howard’s pieces from that exhibition, Heidi’s Bicycle now resides in the permanent collection of the Weatherspoon Museum.

Following another exhibition at Alan Frumkin gallery, Howard relocated to New York in the mid 70’s and began exhibiting with OK Harris Gallery and the then Truman Gallery.   At this time, he began using photography as a means of expression.  His first series was shots of cracks in sidewalks, roads and buildings in New York.   Then he went on to the series for which he is renown- the “A Closed Eye Concept.”  This series depicted art world members such as Leo Castelli, Lousie Bourgeois and Agnes Gund with their eyes closed.   Howard later updated the series in 1998 and exhibited the dual photographs of each individual at the P. S. 1 Contemporary Art Center.   For a time, he shunned exhibiting to a large extent , showing only once in 2000 at the Florence Lynch Gallery his concept based “Notes on a String”  Then in  2007 Howard returned to exhibiting with solo shows,” An Elusive Moment” , “Returning” and “Watching Light Change to Shadow” at Causey Contemporary, all exhibition of his organic drawings, paintings and sculptures.  Additionally, he has exhibited in group exhibitions at the NEXT art fair Chicago, the Pulse Art Fair in Miami and at Warren Lewis Sotheby’s International Realty. 

Howard’s art can be found in the permanent collections of the Whitney Museum of Art, The International Center for Photography, the Weatherspoon Art Museum and the Southern Illinois University Art Museum.

Howard Gross Statement

The interdependence of growth and decay has always fascinated me.  Gardens are an excellent example of that phenomenon.  Beneath the ground decay and above it, the new growth it nurtures.  The mysteries and stories of what lies below, the life lived and lost and the new life created.

If anything has changed artistically in my approach to the subject, perhaps in the past I focused more on the decaying aspect and now I am focusing more on the growing aspect of the cycle. If only gardens could speak what stories they could tell.

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