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Lisa Pressman

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Lisa  Pressman That Secret Place
That Secret Place
Lisa  Pressman Untitled
A Joy Foretold
Lisa  Pressman Passing through
Moving Through
Lisa  Pressman Cairn
Lisa  Pressman Life Line
Life Line
Lisa  Pressman Merged
Lisa  Pressman Passing Through 2
Passing Through 2
Lisa  Pressman Scroll
Lisa  Pressman Close to The Heart
Close to The Heart
Lisa  Pressman Passing Light
Passing Light
Lisa  Pressman The Mystery
The Mystery
Lisa  Pressman After Talk
After Talk
Lisa  Pressman Land Break
Land Break
Lisa  Pressman LandBreak 2
LandBreak 2
Lisa  Pressman Mapping a Place 12
Mapping a Place 12
Lisa  Pressman PasingThrough no.2
PasingThrough no.2
Lisa  Pressman Stacked
Lisa  Pressman The Study of Memory
The Study of Memory

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Lisa  Pressman

Lisa Pressman

Lisa Pressman Biography

Lisa Pressman creates paintings that draw from the place of “not knowing” and exploration. Her work reveals images that many people have lost sight of, images that communicate to a place deeper than words. The paintings invite a deep, visceral response that evolves over time; they have a life of their own. She says that one of her strongest childhood memories  was lying in bed trying to fall asleep, staring at the wall and creating a grid and imagine images in each square of moving light and color. Thus abstraction is a part of her very being.

Lisa’s paintings, which reference Clyfford Stiles, Barnett Newman and other 20th century American abstractionist have been featured in solo and group exhibitions throughout the USA and internationally.

In addition to exhibiting her own oil or encaustic paintings, Lisa is a core instructor for R&F Handmade Paints in Kingston, NY and a workshop instructor for Gamblin Artists Colors and conducts encaustic workshops throughout the U.S. A. Lisa currently lives and works in West Orange, New Jersey.


Lisa Pressman Statement

My work is an ongoing exploration of both inside and outside worlds My work explores the place of not knowing. The process is an intuitive dialogue between the random and the deliberate that allows a relationship to develop between intent and accident. Each piece evolves as a play between translucent and opaque layers of paint, as I draw, layer, cover up, sand and scrape. The paintings take on a life of their own, revealing imagery that evokes a visceral response. The Inside Mattersseries is an ongoing exploration of vessels, their interior and exterior contents. The contents of the vessels remain hidden, imbuing them with a mysterious, suggestive potency, like the painting process itself.


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