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HyunJu Park

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HyunJu  Park Untitled 21
Untitled 21
HyunJu  Park Untitled ( Cascade)
Untitled ( Cascade)
HyunJu  Park Untitled (Flames)
Untitled (Flames)
HyunJu  Park Untitled (Floral)
Untitled (Floral)
HyunJu  Park Untitled (Mandela)
Untitled (Mandela)
HyunJu  Park Untitled ( Waterfall)
Untitled (Waterfall)
HyunJu  Park Untitled - Cloudband 2
Untitled - Cloudband 2
HyunJu  Park Untitled - Eddy
Untitled - Eddy
HyunJu  Park Untitled - Landscape
Untitled - Landscape
HyunJu  Park Untitled Nebula
Untitled Nebula
HyunJu  Park Untitled _Cloudband 1
Untitled _Cloudband 1
HyunJu  Park Untitled no. 8
Untitled no. 8
HyunJu  Park Untitled no. 9
Untitled no. 9

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HyunJu  Park

HyunJu Park

HyunJu Park Biography

Hyun Ju Park is a mixed media painter, living and working in Seoul, Korea.   Ms. Park holds MFA degrees in Painting from Sook-Myung Women’s University in Seoul and Pratt Institute in New York City.  She has exhibited both nationally and internationally in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., China, Japan and Korea.  In such venues as Ogilvy and Mather Headquarters in NY, Korean Cultural Center in DC and The Yamanashi Prefecture Museum of Art in Japan,  and the Rotunda Gallery in NYC.  Her works have also appeared with Causey Contemporary (formerly Ch’i Contemporary Art) at Fountain NY, Bridge Miami, Bridge London, and the Asia Art Fair in Miami.

HyunJu Park Statement

Making art has always been a psychological necessity for me. It allows me to work out internal tensions and emotions. My work express tensions and emotions, connected with my past, which have accumulated in my subconscious and conscious mind. The progress of my work, as it relates to the past, flows sudden recall of particular visual experiences, which I attempt to reconstruct.

    I began by using my hair to make a self- portrait. To me, hair became an intensely physical thing, but one that outlasts the rest of the physical body. At the same time, it evokes the spiritual qualities of a human being, thereby transcending physical existence. I use hair as a symbolic body, and as a maker of spiritual life. Therefore, my use of hair became abstracted, detached from my self- portrait and began to function as a personal symbol.

     Much of my work with hair and other materials is meant to bring my art into the realm of the natural. I begin with my emotions, then I reconstruct forms as they suggest themselves. I create surfaces that have varied textures indicating undefined space and undulation. Through the visual shifting of form, I want to imbue the surfaces with a spiritual life of their own. Therefore, these forms go through the same growing process as things in nature.

      Expanding upon these ideas and experimenting with formal values of hair and other materials want the viewer to participate in the process of discovery. Art, for me, functions as an essential instrument in the development of self- consciousness, creating alternative forms. To convey my own self- identity, I developed a language of forms which represent who I am.

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