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Carri is  a painter, printmaker, costume designer and voodoo doll maker. She has  exhibited extensively for the last 23 years across the United States, the Caribbean, and Mexico.  Stylistically her paintings reference German Expressionism and indeed a particular hero of hers is Egon Schiele. But she also counts strong women in the arts and fashion as her heroes such as Iris Apfel and Laurie Anderson.   Carri’s paintings are often feminine and indeed feminist in subject matter portraying women toreadors, women circus performers, women samurai, fallen women and the like - even her choice of media - pearlized pigments enhances this aspect of the works.  In addition, to her painting and print work, Carri has created costumes for Carnival in Trinidad and theaters in Wisconsin and curated the annual Mermaid Parade Exhibition in Coney Island.  Most recently, she completed a residency in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She has an upcoming solo exhibition at Causey Contemporary in October 2016.

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My work has always been about portraiture.  I am fascinated by personality and human behavior.

My work is a reflection of the world around me.

For many years now, my work has been an exploration in expressing female sexuality and allure as a vehicle of power.  Eye candy with balls, so to speak.   The work is a sly homage and backward glance: “if I knew then what I know now.” A stab at reclaiming the power of seduction.  It’s a reconciliation of the qualities we are often taught as mutually exclusive- strength, beauty, sexiness, power, sensuality and intelligence.  The female body as a power tool.  I’m concerned with the sensuality of the materials as well as the subject matter. The inherent sensuality of the pearl powders is integral to the work. 

The resulting images are women contentious, bold, and unashamed in their sexuality and sensuousness.

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Additional Information:
Birthplace: 06/20/56
Website: Http://

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