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Edward Holland



New York artist, Edward Holland sites Matisse, Mitchell, Johns Manet,  Bruegel, Titian as previous artists whose work he admires.   Their influences are hinted at in Edward’s color palette,his layering of materials  and his breaking of each paintings surfaces into different planes or segments.  He most often works in series, exploring ideas that have nothing often to do with painting such as his recent series based on the zodiac, constellations and the ROY G BIV  idea of a rainbow’s spectrum.   His abstract paintings in acrylic, colored pencil and graphite with collaged elements torn from books, advertisements or newspapers have been exhibited acrossthe United States and can be found in the public collections of Syracuse University and the Strauss Institute. 

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My work is conceptually grounded in literary and art-historical sources, with consistent emphasis on the formal qualities of atmosphere, collage and slight geometries. In this current series, I am using linear depictions of constellations associated with the modern Zodiac as the geometrical foundation of each piece. I am not beholden to the constellation outside of its initial placement – it may become obliterated or it may maintain its central focus, depending on the formal development of a work. The constellation is a conceptual underpinning as well as an aesthetic device. I am drawn to the Zodiac and, by extension, its related mythologies as obsolete systems for delivering information and meaning. There is a logical parallel to the practice of painting, but I am not making these works ironically or with malice. I believe in the romance of painting and its ability to create meaning, whether directly or openly, empirically or emotionally. My work celebrates this.

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March 3 - March 6, 2016
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