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Christopher Hart Chambers



Christopher Hart Chambers was born in New York City where he continues to live and work. He attended the High School of Music and Art and various other NYC based institutions of fine art learning. He first exhibited professionally when as a teenager he formed the street art militia avant, bringing fine art to the streets alongside the spray paint graffiti of the day and thereby launching what became an international phenomenon. A few years later in 1985 with  his partner, musician Hayward Peele, he opened the B.A.D. Museum (Bohemia After Dark – named in reverence for a composition by Charlie Parker) as a venue for a variety of media. He has since participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions internationally and his efforts have been reviewed in dozens of newspapers and magazines. While his early work concentrated strictly on painting, more recently Chambers has incorporated sculptural elements.

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In the fall of 2002 I stopped painting. I didn’t intend to make a break with the medium, it just dawned on me that I could actually make these things that I had been picturing for years. I have always painted pictures of things. My thinking was abstract, but the imagery concrete. During the last several years I became increasingly interested in the theme of multiplicity - obsessively repeating an alphabet of emblematic motifs that had developed more or less organically throughout my history. This almost Hindu notion of infinite objects and events adding to and becoming the whole awoke in me a fascination with mechanical (re)production by means of mold making, casting, and industry in general. This line of thinking has taken me towards the notion of a modular form of sculpture that can be broken down and rearranged at will. This lends an industrial functionality to the work that playfully encroaches on architecture and design. 


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