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Nick Cash is probably best known to the world for his drumming with The Members, Fad Gadget, and the Unmen.  However, since completing his foundation course at St. Martins College of Art in 1975, he has continually been creating art in various media. His art films such as Craft Vs. Craft, Drumming About Architecture, Ay Song, and Scary Chair are simultaneously performance art and image documentation, in the style of, and perhaps, in homage to  Wolf Vostell.  Nick has mixed film and live performance at such places as Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre in Paris, The Turtle Salon in Brighton and Birmingham and Hardy Tree Gallery in London.  He has always been interested in art makers such as Kienholz who created political statements or made a dig at the pious worship of art.  His two and three-dimensional artworks are most often collage and assemblage based on the layered topography created when using shapes and images from architecture, contemporary culture, branding and identity elements.  His work is regularly exhibited in France and England.


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I want to start by saying I am not a fan of artists statements they often do not illuminate or help understand what the work is about.  I think art journalists and critics are better placed to talk about art. I will tell you one thing I hate the term ‘art practice’ a prescriptive phrase, no doubt invented by those wanting to ally art making to the professional classes. I am fine with accountants, architects or doctors using the term, but art makers should be more creative and less regimented in their use of language. Art schools have a cultish adherence to jargon and terminology akin to that used in pseudo-religions like Scientology. 

The work on show at Causey Contemporary is quite different to most of my recent collage un-collage that tends to be totally non-figurative. 

Taking the Nouveaux Rèalistes such as Raymond Hains and Gil Wolman as a starting point I make a collage using billboard material, some I inveigled from printing companies and some appropriated from the street. Advertising billboards use reality to sell products to us, consumers, I am liberating the images by taking them apart and making them anew as art product.  

I am fascinated by brutalist architecture from the 1960s and 70s I made a video ‘Drumming About Architecture” about St Peter’s Seminary in Scotland. The ‘Vacancies’ collage has elements of brutalist buildings versus a brick wall creating tension between modern and the more traditional. I originally thought about cutting out the Vacancies sign but on reflection, it seemed to make an apposite but not too didactic point

Additional Information:
Website: http://www.thenickcash.com

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July 15 - August 21, 2016
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