From Nature: Windseed & Drawings
Norman Mooney
June 19 - July 30, 2017

From Nature_ Windseed _ Drawings

Norman Mooney’s “From Nature” references elements from the natural environment focusing  his attention on shapes that recur in the heavens, in plants and in landscape formations. He is fascinated by the inherent beauty that runs through all natural structures both micro and macro as well as how our understanding of energy, the force of life, is related to our inertial frame of reference, orientation and sense of scale.

formatting Wind Seed
Wind Seed
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formatting Pen Drawing no.4
Pen Drawing no.4
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formatting Line Drawing no. 8
Line Drawing no. 8
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formatting Untitled No. 4 (Clear)
Untitled No. 4 (Clear)
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formatting Blue Glass Star
Blue Glass Star
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formatting Line Drawing no.12
Line Drawing no.12
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formatting Series 4 no.6
Series 4 no.6
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formatting Smoke on Panel Series 3_ _8
Smoke on Panel Series 3, #8
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