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Jerry Ehrlich

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Jerry  Ehrlich Left Hanging
Left Hanging
Jerry  Ehrlich Butterfly Kisses
Butterfly Kisses
Jerry  Ehrlich Camel Back
Camel Back
Jerry  Ehrlich Closing the deal
Closing the deal
Jerry  Ehrlich Coil _1
Coil #1
Jerry  Ehrlich Do not go softly
Do not go softly
Jerry  Ehrlich Eddie
Jerry  Ehrlich I am Lost Without You
I am Lost Without You
Jerry  Ehrlich Insert Finger
Insert Finger
Jerry  Ehrlich Jelly Belly
Jelly Belly
Jerry  Ehrlich Karma
Jerry  Ehrlich Last Man Standing
Last Man Standing
Jerry  Ehrlich Make Countless Thoursands mourn
Make Countless Thoursands mourn
Jerry  Ehrlich Prana
Jerry  Ehrlich Snug as a bug
Snug as a bug
Jerry  Ehrlich Tailspin
Jerry  Ehrlich Third wheel
Third wheel
Jerry  Ehrlich still kerning after you
still kerning after you

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Jerry  Ehrlich

Jerry Ehrlich

Jerry Ehrlich Biography

Jerry Ehrlich's Rebar sculptures come from the tradition of welding, and hand-grinding that  artists such as David Smith and Mark Di Suvero.    However, having worked himself in the construction industrial, Jerry often choose rebar and steel plates as his preferred media, bending them and adding patinas or oil finishes as accents.  HIs works are highly personal, often evident in their titles and coming many times with intriguing back stories.

Jerry Ehrlich Statement

Through hand forging and welding, grinding and patina, I look at industrial-culture’s form/function relationship and revisit that bit of essential beauty and humanity that still finds its way into these factory produced structural elements that are essentially so much a part of our hidden urban infra-structure.  Through humor and labor intensive craft, I hope to re-humanize and animate some of the objects of our industrial society and maybe reveal some transcendent value to the hidden stuff around us, and by extension our connection to the manufacture and use of those objects.  By incorporating redundant 3 dimensional drawn lines and defining space through open volume created by those linear marks, I invite the viewer to take on the mantle/persona of the piece and revisit their relationship to the urban landscape for which these materials were created.


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