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Steven Dobbin

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Steven  Dobbin 24 Hours
24 Hours
Steven  Dobbin Alternate I
Alternate I
Steven  Dobbin Assembly
Steven  Dobbin Immigrant
Steven  Dobbin Daily Living
Daily Living
Steven  Dobbin Alternate II
Alternate II
Steven  Dobbin Alternate III
Alternate III
Steven  Dobbin Tally I
Tally I
Steven  Dobbin Tally II
Tally II
Steven  Dobbin Tally III
Tally III
Steven  Dobbin Do Not Set Yourself on Fire
Do Not Set Yourself on Fire
Steven  Dobbin The Better
The Better
Steven  Dobbin I Repeat Myself no.3
I Repeat Myself no.3
Steven  Dobbin Informational Text
Informational Text
Steven  Dobbin Hostage
Steven  Dobbin Specimens
Steven  Dobbin I Repeat Myself n o. 4
I Repeat Myself n o. 4
Steven  Dobbin Piss Kike
Piss Kike
Steven  Dobbin
Exhibition view
Steven  Dobbin
Exhibition view
Steven  Dobbin
Exhibition view
Steven  Dobbin
Exhibition view

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Steven  Dobbin

Steven Dobbin

Steven Dobbin Biography

Steven Dobbin is an American sculptor working in lead, copper, and steel with plaster and pigment who has exhibited nationally and internationally for over 30 years.  His assemblages, like those of Joseph Cornell and Edward Kienholtz, focus the viewer’s attention on the problems created by society’s pressure on the individual to conform; the displacement of those who are disabled physically, emotionally or mentally and the politically disenfranchised.  He counts Cornell, along with David Hockney, Louise Nevelson and Agnes Martin as his artistic muses and sites Laurence Weschler’s book “ Seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees” as another important influence on his own creations.   

Steven has been awarded the Maryland State Arts Council award for excellence in sculpture and his permanent installation, “The Labyrinth of Remembrance on the grounds of the Phillips School of MD has been published in the Baltimore Sun as well as featured on the NBC affiliate, WBLA TV. Additionally, he is the co-director of Artomatic@Frederick which has displayed the work of over 400 artists while also providing a venue for film, music and performance in the 2011, 2013 and 2016 incarnations.

Steven Dobbin Statement

My work reflects the concerns I have for the emotionally disturbed students I teach and for their uncertain futures.  The consequences of tragic circumstances and the impact of personal choices on the lives of others is explored through the figure, vessels, shelters, icons and altars. 

In recent series I have played both with the concept of the toys children play with and the subtle forms of brainwashing involved therein as well as the concept of reclaiming or re-appropriating materials for alternate uses.

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